Tangent Contemporary Art presents SWEET TOOTH, a group exhibition of contemporary artists that have chosen all things sugary as the focal subject of their work. Works by: Peter Anton, Roberto Bernardi, Hubert DeLartigue, Peter & Madeline Powell and Mel Ramos.

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Richly colored, rounded shapes, and sugar-coated surfaces make for luminously pure still life subjects. But for centuries, the subject of candy and desserts has also served as an ideal metaphor for human experience. It evokes simple nostalgia and shared memories, while tapping into the deeper realm of human desire. The longing for sweets echoes the pull of erotic pleasure, seduction and decadence, and their inevitable transience. At the same time, commercial sweets can serve as a means to expose our artificial, consumerist culture.

Internationally renown sculptor,Peter Anton presents oversized, hyper-realistic boxes of chocolates in various sizes and sculptures of ice cream deserts, while Italian photorealist Roberto Bernardi astounds with a dynamic portrayal of a single, red lollypop.

Miss Munchie, a painting byMel Ramos and a selection of his prints equate sexual temptation with commodities, such as commercially produced candy. Alongside Ramos, Albuquerque painter Suzy Smith presents a series lush of neo-pop figurative paintings that pay homage to another Northern California master, Wayne Thiebauld.

Pure seduction is evident in Hubert DeLartigue’s Enjoy. The works of this French photorealist exclusively portray one of the most beguiling parts of the human body: the mouth. In this case, bright red lips part sensuously to reveal a sugary secret.

Peter & Madeline Powell use illusionist technique, with incorporated text, to focus on intricate piles of commercial candy packages. Their paintings of Tootsie Pops, Gummie Bears and various piles of candies instantly bring back delightful memories of childhood treats.

With heightened color, exaggerated form, and often a dash of good humor all of the works in the exhibition promise the unattainable: ultimate satisfaction.

The exhibition is currently on view at 349 Geary Street through January 28. For further information please contact Travis Wilson, travis@tangentart.com.